Consent to the Use of Audio and/or Video Material



I herewith grant to the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (abbreviated in the following as “mdw”) all-encompassing (i.e. substantively, temporally, and spatially unlimited) permission in the sense of copyright law to use the recordings (audio and/or video) of my contributions to the event mentioned below in their original, processed, or otherwise altered forms, including works created or performances given by me (particularly in connection with other works and performances).

Any rights exercised by collecting societies remain unaffected by this agreement.


Event: 8th International Joseph Haydn Chambermusic Competition 2020

Date:   22.2.2020-3.3.2020

Venue: University of Music an Performing Arts Vienna – mdw


In the case that claims to intellectual property rights or rights derived therefrom resulting from my participation in the project specified above are exercised toward the mdw by third parties, I agree irrevocably to indemnify and hold harmless the mdw.